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How To Use Linear Mode


Let’s continue adding details to the orchard we created in the last tutorial with Linear Mode.

Note: the animated GIFs in this tutorial were made with an older version of Voxel Max. The Tool and Mode buttons have moved next to the brush and palette controls, but they all work the same way.


With the orchard file open, set the color to a light brown and make sure the Cubic Brush has a radius of 1 voxel. Tap the Linear Mode [L] button until Linear Mode - Normal [Ln] is activated and make sure you have the Create Tool selected.

When working with 3D graphics, the word “Normal” means “the direction a facet is pointing”. Liner Mode - Normal lets us place the brush on any side of a voxel and extrude the the brush out in a straight line.

Building a Fence

Pressing and holding on the ground, drag up until you make a fence post about five voxels tall. Do this several more times with gaps of about 10 to 20 voxels between.

With our posts now in place, tap the [Ln] button again to switch back to Linear Mode [L]. Now connect the fence posts by pressing on a voxel two up from the bottom, dragging to the next post, and releasing two up from the bottom of that post.

Do this again two voxels down from the top so there are two cross beams on the fence. Repeat the whole process to connect all the of the fence posts.

Building a Silo

Now, lets build a silo. Pick a dark red color, set the mode back to Linear Normal [Ln], and set the Spherical Brush to a radius of about 12 voxels. Tap and drag up on an area with fewer trees. The top of our brushed line keeps the roundness of the Spherical Brush, and gives us a perfect silo shape.

If you look at the top right corner, you can see some numbers that indicate the size of the object we're making. I release the drag at 35 voxels tall for a huge silo towering over the trees.

Painting the Silo

Set the tool to Paint in Center Mode - Free Hand [Cf], with a Cubic Brush size of 1 voxel, and pick a gray color from the Palette. Tap on X Stretch, then press and hold on Y Stretch to expand the Stretch Menu. Drag until you reach the last menu option, "Infinity".

This will set our brush to color all voxels in a horizontal plain. Just above the treeline, tap on the side of the silo to add a stripe through it.

Repeat this going upwards till the dome at the top is reached. Now switching to a white color, press and drag up through the top for a bright roof.

Final Touches

Try expanding on this scene by adding more fences, creating gates, and painting the silo with more details. Be sure to share your creations online and tag @VoxelMax: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Did you know you can set a custom background color in the Presenter View? Try setting it to a color that’s not used in your design, like purple or yellow. Then you can easily remove the background in a photo editor and insert a photo to put your designs in the real world!

You can follow this tutorial in video form!